Squash Promotion Group – we own a professional, all glass ASB squash court. All four walls are made of safety glass, and meet all World Squash Federation regulations. It’s quality ha’v been proved on many world class event like World Junior Championships or European Team Championship (see our realizations)
We want to use squash as a marketing tool. From many years this great sport is our passion, our way of living. We believe that promoting of goods and services on the ground of our passion make our offer more interesting for the people and stays in their mind not just as an regular adverts. Thinking of above U can feel in our work great sport  atmosphere installed on the all glass squash court, stay so close to players fighting in direct oposition and look for result of their hard work……and finally hear excited crowd when rally finish. If You want that king of visibility creating such a positive impact related to this new, modern and called XXIst century sport – this offer is just for You.

Squash – as a new sport, where the result counts find it’s place in last years where time is more and more precious. Every year we’ve got more players coming in all around the world. During one hour session You can burn evan 1.000 kCal and find relase for Your body and mind. Squash demands physical and mental strenght. On the surface no more than 62 m2 this direct oposition sport requires speed, reflex , consecutivness  and concentracion when You’re very tired. How long do You need to learn ? The beauty of squash is it simples. After only couple of training sessions You can play tought matches. Also the prices of the equipment and using the court are (przystepne) so You can easy fit it all to Your own needs, where average value is between 1 and 2 times in a week.

Determination of the target group in squash is as follows:

  • age 25-40 years
  • income level: middle-class and wealthy
  •  education: secondary and higher education (squash requires intelligence and concentration)
  • pastime: active rest on the ground direct competition in contrast with an extensive intellectual work and sedentary lifestyle
  • model of the family: single, 2 +0, 2 +1
  • sensitivity of the target group: trends, fashion, healthy lifestyle


Promotion – marketing aspect of our offer is very wide and modern. The benefits that you can get is:

  • building a positive image in relation to sport sponsorship. Your name, your logo will be associated with positive emotions
  • reach a very attractive target group
  • pro social way to promote the company offers consumers a sense of value added
  • ability to directly promote your products and services
  • get interesting additional packages for VIP sphere

Group – our job is to provide comprehensive sports service, which consists of:

  • available glass court demonstration at the place designated by you or suggested by us (logistics, assembly, disassembly, etc.)
  • organize sports competitions at various levels of local amateur, through national, to international professional events, as well as demonstration games
  • banquet at the end of the event
  • conducting sphere of PR (radio, internet, TV, etc.)



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